Friday, December 4, 2015

Too long!

It has been way too long since I've posted on my blog. Maybe since I've stopped posting on Facebook, I'll post here from time to time - epicaricacy related or not. 

Lessons learned this fall:  What a fall we had!  Our sister-in-law died, which was very sad. She shouldn't have died with C Diff - it is totally treatable. But, they were in remote Canada and couldn't get help in time. I think there was probably some malpractice involved, but that's another story. She was only in her 50s. 

But, for us, the worst thing was out son being assaulted, having been hit in the head and receiving a fractured skull and subdural bleeding. He was in critical condition, and I was told that he could  possibly spend his life in assisted living. For weeks I was a mess, as you can imagine. However, miraculously, he has recovered almost completely. At the same time our daughter had a seizure and was at Northwestern with injuries to her mouth and teeth. She is doing better too, though for weeks it was an awful time. 

I've learned the importance of health and putting your life in perspective. Who cares if you lose your iPad or if you are not able to buy that coat you want, etc.? Keep life in perspective. What are your priorities?  Enjoy your time here on earth. And most of all, be happy.