Thursday, February 25, 2010

Toyota and epicaricacy

When we bought our Honda Accord, we also had looked at Camrys. Indeed, I liked them better. At the time, the Consumer Reports ratings were better, and I fell in love with the test drive. The car was so smooth and quiet that I felt like I was in a Mercedes. However, we chose the Accord, mostly for price. We spent our money on our kids' educations, and not on cars.

How a few years has changed things. I just saw the Congressional meeting yesterday with Mr. Toyoda. I felt a little sorry for him. He was grilled 9 ways from Sunday (a phrase that nobody knows the origin of), and he remained polite and modest. When a supportive Congressman (I've read that many Congressmen have had political contributions from Toyota) asked Toyoda if he thought Congress was treating him differently from how they would treat American auto makers, he said, "No"...twice. The guy asked him again, in a different way. does this all relate to epicaricacy? My trusty Google Alerts found this article. Of course, it was a Prius Web site talking about the recent Honda recall, but whatever. Loved this comment from one of their posters: "With the American short attention span, people will soon forget about the Toyota recalls." Sorry or not for Toyoda, I know I'll never buy a Toyota now or in the future.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


The beauty of a Blog is you can make a mistake and not have snarky responses. Lately I've been feeling a bit "followed after" on my favorite forum. Yes, I suppose it was quite rude of me to mention epicaricacy in the same breath as with the plane plunging into the IRS building. But those with even the tiniest sense of humor might see how it could relate to epicaricacy. Of course it was a heinous/atrocious/vicious/hateful/evil/horrendous action that caused death and much sorrow. Of course. Not denying that.

Ah, but here it's so free. Heck, I can even say "Oy vey" and not feel guilty. I think I'd like just a free flowing Blog, too, as having a subject can make this one difficult.

One thing, though, I've wondered lately about both epicaricacy and Schadenfreude is that an adjective really is needed. They seem to be words you use to describe how people feel.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Scourge

Well, I've just gotten through an Internet scourge on my Blog. Think about it. Even 2 years ago would there have been some Internet outlaws out there using the word epicaricacy? I don't think so. At least I survived.

I found Erin McKean's site discusses epicaricacy, and she is a bigwig in words and language. Yet, the same kind of Internet plagiarism that appears elsewhere also appears on her Wordnik Blog. Pavonine clearly copied my post from a year and a half earlier on the same site (scroll to the bottom). Oh well.