Friday, February 12, 2010

A Scourge

Well, I've just gotten through an Internet scourge on my Blog. Think about it. Even 2 years ago would there have been some Internet outlaws out there using the word epicaricacy? I don't think so. At least I survived.

I found Erin McKean's site discusses epicaricacy, and she is a bigwig in words and language. Yet, the same kind of Internet plagiarism that appears elsewhere also appears on her Wordnik Blog. Pavonine clearly copied my post from a year and a half earlier on the same site (scroll to the bottom). Oh well.


seanahan said...

Kalleh, Wordnik swalled up Wordie a few months ago, which is where you had originally posted your comments. It is pretty odd that someone would copy you post when they could just scroll down and look at it, but you can't be too upset by the crazy stuff that goes on at the internet.

As for the "examples" section, I think they just did a google search on that word and pulled out sentences. It's just coincidence that the first few happen to be from your blog. Obviously that page is in need of some editing and TLC.

Cat said...

That is so weird, Kalleh! I would be peeved if someone copied my comments like that.

Kalleh said...

Yeah, Cat, particularly because it took me awhile to put all the pieces together and still tried to be succinct.

Kalleh said...

I wondered about Wordy, seanahan. I searched for it because I knew that's where my original post had been.