Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rush Limbaugh

My somewhat conservative (less conservative than he thinks he is!) husband and I were driving across the midwest today. I had NPR on, and he commented that NPR is liberal. I agree it is. So...I turned it off for a bit and found good old Rush Limbaugh. He is not liberal!

I think it is important to read (and listen to) all political sides so I really did want to hear what Rush is up to. My husband wasn't paying much attention, but suddenly my husband, somewhat irritated, said, "who is talking?"

Rush was saying that Obama wanted the country to fail. He said that studies show that our economy is now the 5th largest in the world, and that Obama is happy it is sinking. He said that Obama thinks our country was built on the backs of the minorities, and therefore now, with all the Republican outcries, we should sink.

Rush went on to talk about an interview with a Yale professor...something about the economy. He then referred to, "all the 'young smuts' at Yale..." Young smuts? My husband graduated from Yale! Our daughter graduated from Yale! My husband was annoyed. No end. So, Rush, you are now irritating the conservative section of our population, too. Yes, a few conservatives, unlike you (who attended, but did not graduate from, Southeast Missouri State), are quite well educated!


I received an email that AT&T has contributed $462,739 to Rich Perry's organization. I am not surprised. AT&T is one of the least ethical companies I know. Let me explain.

I used to have a private AT&T account. Now my company pays for one, but I will never, ever have a private one again. Here is what happened. I suddenly received a bill for hundreds of dollars for something I'd never received. I called, wrote letters, but all to no avail. Yet, AT&T kept up the requests for payment, and then the calls came. At first it was a few times a week, but soon it was multiple times a day! For something I didn't owe! Then the bill collectors called, and their bills came.

But, I am savvy. I know that if a company does something to affect your credit, you have a right to dispute it, and I did. Then when AT&T called, I began to say, "I do not owe this bill, and my time, like yours, is valuable. Therefore, I am charging you $100 per hour for each phone call, in 15 minutes increments for $25 each." That surprised them! Some just hung up. Others talked, and I sent AT&T the bills, but unfortunately was not compensated.

But, in the end, the only thing that stopped AT&T was the IL Attorney General's office. I finally reported AT&T (after more than a year of dealing with them), and believe it or not, Lisa Madigan sent them a letter and they stopped harrassing me! Plus, they sent me a letter or apology.

So, Perry, good luck with AT&T. I'd avoid them at all cost!

Having said all this, I have an iPhone from my company that is hosted by AT&T. What a joke that is. I lose calls and service all over the place. I so wish they'd go to Horizon!