Saturday, December 24, 2011


I wish everyone a Happy New Year, and depending on your religion (or lack thereof), a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Solstice, Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever.

The below link is for nurses use of social media. I thought others might like it, too.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A video!

My Google Alerts is working well. There is now a video out there about epicaricary. It's a little boring, but still!

Speaking of videos, here is one about why nurses should be careful when using social media, and how to use it appropriately.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Life has been busy!

I haven't been able to Blog in awhile. I couldn't believe this fall. I counted how many presentations I've given since the first of the year, and it's 24, most of them in other cities and one was in Malta. Besides that, I've published 2 articles and 2 book book chapters, with 2 more book chapters at the publishers now. All of this, besides my daily work. No wonder I've neglected my Blog and also Wordcraft.

Finally I have a few days off and am enjoying just doing errands, if you can believe it. And thinking a bit (about something other than work). The holidays are coming. I love Thanksgiving and can't wait to host my family. I go all out! But then there's Christmas. Being Jewish around Christmas in the U.S. is not easy. Everyone assumes you're Christian. Just yesterday at my job they were planning a "Christmas dinner" and then we were going to sing Christmas carols. The dinner would be fine...but carols? Really? Should I sing "Dreidel, Dreidle, Dreidle; I made it out of clay"? I was planning to just skip the dinner, but a colleague said something like "what about people who don't celebrate Christmas?" The planners didn't like it, but they decided to give up on the singing. I of course said nothing, not wanting to be a wet blanket. I can hardly blame them really, but they also don't get it. For us, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are our high holidays. But that definitely isn't considered. We have meetings and conferences during that time. Heck, we even had a major meeting during Passover one year.

For those who are interested in the e-word, here is a link to a site that came up in my Google Alerts.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rush Limbaugh

My somewhat conservative (less conservative than he thinks he is!) husband and I were driving across the midwest today. I had NPR on, and he commented that NPR is liberal. I agree it is. So...I turned it off for a bit and found good old Rush Limbaugh. He is not liberal!

I think it is important to read (and listen to) all political sides so I really did want to hear what Rush is up to. My husband wasn't paying much attention, but suddenly my husband, somewhat irritated, said, "who is talking?"

Rush was saying that Obama wanted the country to fail. He said that studies show that our economy is now the 5th largest in the world, and that Obama is happy it is sinking. He said that Obama thinks our country was built on the backs of the minorities, and therefore now, with all the Republican outcries, we should sink.

Rush went on to talk about an interview with a Yale professor...something about the economy. He then referred to, "all the 'young smuts' at Yale..." Young smuts? My husband graduated from Yale! Our daughter graduated from Yale! My husband was annoyed. No end. So, Rush, you are now irritating the conservative section of our population, too. Yes, a few conservatives, unlike you (who attended, but did not graduate from, Southeast Missouri State), are quite well educated!


I received an email that AT&T has contributed $462,739 to Rich Perry's organization. I am not surprised. AT&T is one of the least ethical companies I know. Let me explain.

I used to have a private AT&T account. Now my company pays for one, but I will never, ever have a private one again. Here is what happened. I suddenly received a bill for hundreds of dollars for something I'd never received. I called, wrote letters, but all to no avail. Yet, AT&T kept up the requests for payment, and then the calls came. At first it was a few times a week, but soon it was multiple times a day! For something I didn't owe! Then the bill collectors called, and their bills came.

But, I am savvy. I know that if a company does something to affect your credit, you have a right to dispute it, and I did. Then when AT&T called, I began to say, "I do not owe this bill, and my time, like yours, is valuable. Therefore, I am charging you $100 per hour for each phone call, in 15 minutes increments for $25 each." That surprised them! Some just hung up. Others talked, and I sent AT&T the bills, but unfortunately was not compensated.

But, in the end, the only thing that stopped AT&T was the IL Attorney General's office. I finally reported AT&T (after more than a year of dealing with them), and believe it or not, Lisa Madigan sent them a letter and they stopped harrassing me! Plus, they sent me a letter or apology.

So, Perry, good luck with AT&T. I'd avoid them at all cost!

Having said all this, I have an iPhone from my company that is hosted by AT&T. What a joke that is. I lose calls and service all over the place. I so wish they'd go to Horizon!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When "perfect" isn't perfect...

One of my friends has moved from Chicago to a small town on in Washington state. It is lovely there. The weather is what she has described as "perfect." There is no humidity and every day it's 80 with clear blue skies and no clouds. No storms. No "big hair" from the humidity.

So, what's the problem? She misses the unpredictability of Chicago's weather. One day it can be 80% humidity and 90 degrees, which feels like 105 (or so). The next it can be 80 with 40% humdity (today), and simply gorgeous. But then...there may be 50 mph winds with a thunderstorm. Thunderstorm! My friend misses them. She misses the humidity. The unpredictability of the weather. I can understand that. I lived in San Francisco for a year. I described it to everyone as 60 degrees all yearlong. The trees stayed the same. No fall. No spring. It was boring. That's the way my friend feels.

Now, when it storms or when it's 105, dripping with humidity, no, we don't love it. But we say, "Ah, that's Chicago. Tomorrow it will be different." We're not worried about "perfect" weather here in Chicago. We love the unpredictability!

Who'd have thunk it? Missing the unpredictability of Chicago's weather?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Is the tea party over?

Is the tea party over?

Excellent article. I couldn't post it on my Facebook page because there are some conservatives among my "friends" so it goes here where nobody will read it.

Recently a friend suggested that the liberal Democrats need a group similar to the tea partyers. Not a bad idea!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

AWAD is discussing the e-word

AWADers are lucky. They are allowed to discuss "epicaricacy" on their discussion board about words. We can't do that on Wordcraft, and that's why I started this Blog. I recently got this from my "epicaricacy" Google alerts. Little do AWADers know there is a whole Blog dedicated to the word!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And another citation

I hope John Simpson is reading my blog. I have lots of ammunition for him in support of adding epicaricacy to the OED. Here is another citation (albeit weak!).

Monday, August 1, 2011

From wwftd...

Tsuwm on wwftd (you really should sign up for his words) is just as passionate about epicaricacy as I am, and he is more talented at finding uses of the word. Here is a citation he sent me. Then he also sent me this pronunciation guide for it. It seems that the stress is on the third syllable:


Not easy for limericks or DDs!

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Nursing Student's Political Observation

In the Journal of Nursing Education (Vol. 50, No. 5, 2011, p. 239) there is a poem by Joel Weinman, a nursing student who will graduate in August, that really moved me. I'd be interested in what others think. Joel wrote about a patient who died, presumably from H1N1, during the heated health care reform debates that took place in 2009. She was young and healthy, but had no insurance and therefore was reluctant to seek treatment.

My child died today...

My child died today...

She was beautiful and vibrant - her energy was infectious
She was smart; she graduated with a double major
She was kind and responsible - she was growing up

She was sick...and she died.
My child was 22...and she died today.

Kimi had two jobs...
She was poor...
She had no insurance.

She was sick and she didn't go get help - she was scared
She wasn't scared that she was sick, for she only had the flu

Kimi was poor and she had no insurance, and THAT is why she was scared.
She was sick and she had no insurance and she was scared...
and so...
she died.

Kimi had no insurance
She was sick...she got worse...
and so...
she went to the hospital - she had the flu

She had no insurance...
they sent her home....
with medicine...
for pain? Kimi had the flu.

Kimi was at home, sick, scared, poor...
and dying...she had no insurance
Kimi got worse. She went back to the hospital...
it was too late

My child died today...

She died because she had no insurance;
she had two degrees and two jobs
She died because she was scared;
It would cost too much to get better
She died because she had the flu?

But hey,

At least the government didn't get between Kimi and her doctor
She didn't have a doctor...she was poor
She had no insurance...and so...

She died

Every year, in the richest country in the world

40,000 people die
Because they are poor
Because they have no insurance
They were scared too.

Every month, in this richest country in the world, a 9/11 occurs

The towers of the disadvantaged, the poor, and the un-insured - they fall
They stood strong and tall like my Kimi, but...

The powerful planes plow through them with the full force of opposition...
opposition to a fair and just world,
opposition to compassion as Christ championed
opposition to equality...and care...for everyone.

Those planes tear down and destroy:
3500 souls every month,
111 lives every day,
5 human beings every hour...In the richest country in the world

Those wings of death and destruction are piloted by politicians fighting to keep healthcare
a commodity
not a right nor a gift nor an expectation


In the richest country in the world, money is to be made off the sick...
In the richest country in the world, providing care for the ill is an avenue for profit...
In the richest country in the world, politicians bought with blood money fight to keep
the status quo...

In the richest country in the world, one man can make 100 million dollars a year.
All he has to do is deny promises to those who have paid for them.
All he has to do is deny care
to those that have paid for it
And, of course, he must make sure that the laws in the richest country in the world...
allow him to continue to do so...again, and again, and again...

These men and his pilots; they are cowards.
They are not nearly as brave as a suicidal terrorist. They kill from afar. They kill by
remote control.
But they kill nonetheless,
40,000 human souls, every single year...
In the richest country in the world

My Kimi was but one of those 40,000
But she was mine...she was my child
She was sick
She was poor
She had no insurance.

She was sick and she was poor and she had no insurance and she was scared

She had the flu...and she died

Kimi was a victim of the terrorism of ignorance and greed.

Kimi died today...from the flu...

Kimi was 22,
Kimi was my child,
Kimi had the flu...

And she died.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Around and about

Well heck. I have not been good with this Blog, have I? The fact is, I haven't received any significant Google Alerts (there are some because some websites and usernames use "epicaricacy," but big deal!). If any of my multitude of readers (ha!) sees the word used, please let me know!

I've been around and about, busy with work these days. I've got to get more balance into my life. Even Passover was pushed aside this year. Quite disgusting!

I am on my way to Malta today (for work), but I have brought some books to read. I have been enjoying a book about a good friend's travels, though it's a little anti-American. Maybe it's just how it comes out in his book. Let's face it, Americans are a bit insular when it comes to travel.

Looking forward to telling you about Malta!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bill Scott's Blog

My favorite word was used to describe the London School of Economics: Link

In time, I am convinced that "epicaricacy" will be part of an every day vocabulary. Well, likely mine, but not yours?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Weather is like my dog

We had a ferocious storm with 70 mile an hour winds, more than 20 inches of snow, and huge snow drifts relentlessly covering the streets, driveways, sidewalks, as soon as we cleared them. The skies were gray and nasty looking and snow was everywhere. Then the day ended, and Thursday greeted us. It was bright, sunny, with glossy white snow. It was calm and clear out and the sun seemed to be smiling at us. 180 degree turnaround.

It reminded me of something.

Then I remembered...just like my dog. She can be so bad, climbing up on the counter, eating everything, and then slinking down to the mudroom, with her tail between her legs. Soon, she brightens up and tries to get me to like her again. She jumps up on me, wagging her tail, as if to say, " I am sorry. Do you still love me?"

Just like the sun!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life is rather circular

"Back in the day," as my dad would say, we had more extended families. Grandparents lived with their children and grandchildren. Aunts and Uncles took care of nieces and nephews on a regular basis. Indeed, my grandfather and grandmother lived with us (in a separate part of the house) as we grew up, and my other grandparents were right down the road.

Then I grew up as a baby boomer, and all we heard from the media was how life has changed. Kids move out at 18 never to return. "We have a mobile society," the media worried, "and kids aren't connected to their families!" Psychologists predicted an isolated generation with lack of nurturing, and who knows what that might bring. More violence. Suicides. Divorces. A "me generation" attitude (indeed, baby boomers are often described that way). End of the world?!

Well, folks. What has happened? Now we have complaints of parents who hover too much...the "helicopter generation." Kids are coming back home after graduating from college. We are nurturing our kids too much. They're not gaining the independence they need to get through life. far as "connections," we have way too many. Between Blogs and texts and Facebook, etc., we communicate too much! We baby boomers have, once again, created chaos.

You know what? The "authorities" (and that includes the media, as well as the psychologists, sociologists, and other "scholars") don't know what they're talking about. They just enjoy predicting doom and gloom. I have never agreed with all that generational balderdash. People are individuals...and generations are too. There are many baby boomers who are just like Generation X or Y or Z. And vice versa. We are all different, and that's good!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've been spouting off a bit on my Facebook, not necessarily about words (though sometimes), and certainly not about "epicaricacy." But I decided: 1) Facebook isn't for spouting off. First of all, there's no real place to do it. The whole wall scenario just isn't right, and there's not enough space anyway. I got cut off the other day! 2) I have too many family members there. For example, I wrote about the Bears game, and bam! both my sisters aren't speaking to me now. Heck, one of them posted, "You suck!" on my wall. I couldn't believe it, and, honestly, I don't think she was kidding. I just don't like the Packers. Does that mean I suck?

So...I am going to keep this Blog, but expand it. I've been trying to keep it about "epicaricacy," but let's get real. There's hardly enough about common words to keep a Blog current, much less that one! I am, therefore, going to write about other things here, too. Anything that comes to mind. If I want to complain about the Packers, I will. If I hear a funny joke, I'll write about it. It's a little tougher to keep it about words and language because I also have Wordcraft, but a little redundancy isn't bad, is it? Besides, it might bring some of you wanderers back to Wordcraft.

And, my saving grace here is that nobody reads my Blog so I can rant away without pissing people off!