Sunday, May 1, 2011

Around and about

Well heck. I have not been good with this Blog, have I? The fact is, I haven't received any significant Google Alerts (there are some because some websites and usernames use "epicaricacy," but big deal!). If any of my multitude of readers (ha!) sees the word used, please let me know!

I've been around and about, busy with work these days. I've got to get more balance into my life. Even Passover was pushed aside this year. Quite disgusting!

I am on my way to Malta today (for work), but I have brought some books to read. I have been enjoying a book about a good friend's travels, though it's a little anti-American. Maybe it's just how it comes out in his book. Let's face it, Americans are a bit insular when it comes to travel.

Looking forward to telling you about Malta!


Bob Hale said...

It wasn't meant to be anti-American. It wasn't until I read through the proof copy that I realised how easily it could be interpreted that way. For comparison try reading Paul Theroux's "The Island By The Sea" which, to me, came over as distinctly ant-British until all he was doing was vocalising things that I often thought myself about my own country.

Bob Hale said...

that should say "until I realised that all he was doing"