Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life is rather circular

"Back in the day," as my dad would say, we had more extended families. Grandparents lived with their children and grandchildren. Aunts and Uncles took care of nieces and nephews on a regular basis. Indeed, my grandfather and grandmother lived with us (in a separate part of the house) as we grew up, and my other grandparents were right down the road.

Then I grew up as a baby boomer, and all we heard from the media was how life has changed. Kids move out at 18 never to return. "We have a mobile society," the media worried, "and kids aren't connected to their families!" Psychologists predicted an isolated generation with lack of nurturing, and who knows what that might bring. More violence. Suicides. Divorces. A "me generation" attitude (indeed, baby boomers are often described that way). End of the world?!

Well, folks. What has happened? Now we have complaints of parents who hover too much...the "helicopter generation." Kids are coming back home after graduating from college. We are nurturing our kids too much. They're not gaining the independence they need to get through life. far as "connections," we have way too many. Between Blogs and texts and Facebook, etc., we communicate too much! We baby boomers have, once again, created chaos.

You know what? The "authorities" (and that includes the media, as well as the psychologists, sociologists, and other "scholars") don't know what they're talking about. They just enjoy predicting doom and gloom. I have never agreed with all that generational balderdash. People are individuals...and generations are too. There are many baby boomers who are just like Generation X or Y or Z. And vice versa. We are all different, and that's good!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've been spouting off a bit on my Facebook, not necessarily about words (though sometimes), and certainly not about "epicaricacy." But I decided: 1) Facebook isn't for spouting off. First of all, there's no real place to do it. The whole wall scenario just isn't right, and there's not enough space anyway. I got cut off the other day! 2) I have too many family members there. For example, I wrote about the Bears game, and bam! both my sisters aren't speaking to me now. Heck, one of them posted, "You suck!" on my wall. I couldn't believe it, and, honestly, I don't think she was kidding. I just don't like the Packers. Does that mean I suck?

So...I am going to keep this Blog, but expand it. I've been trying to keep it about "epicaricacy," but let's get real. There's hardly enough about common words to keep a Blog current, much less that one! I am, therefore, going to write about other things here, too. Anything that comes to mind. If I want to complain about the Packers, I will. If I hear a funny joke, I'll write about it. It's a little tougher to keep it about words and language because I also have Wordcraft, but a little redundancy isn't bad, is it? Besides, it might bring some of you wanderers back to Wordcraft.

And, my saving grace here is that nobody reads my Blog so I can rant away without pissing people off!