Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've been spouting off a bit on my Facebook, not necessarily about words (though sometimes), and certainly not about "epicaricacy." But I decided: 1) Facebook isn't for spouting off. First of all, there's no real place to do it. The whole wall scenario just isn't right, and there's not enough space anyway. I got cut off the other day! 2) I have too many family members there. For example, I wrote about the Bears game, and bam! both my sisters aren't speaking to me now. Heck, one of them posted, "You suck!" on my wall. I couldn't believe it, and, honestly, I don't think she was kidding. I just don't like the Packers. Does that mean I suck?

So...I am going to keep this Blog, but expand it. I've been trying to keep it about "epicaricacy," but let's get real. There's hardly enough about common words to keep a Blog current, much less that one! I am, therefore, going to write about other things here, too. Anything that comes to mind. If I want to complain about the Packers, I will. If I hear a funny joke, I'll write about it. It's a little tougher to keep it about words and language because I also have Wordcraft, but a little redundancy isn't bad, is it? Besides, it might bring some of you wanderers back to Wordcraft.

And, my saving grace here is that nobody reads my Blog so I can rant away without pissing people off!


arnie said...

You can rant about the Packers, Green Bay, the Lakers, the Yankees, or any other teams that play those esoteric games so far as I am concerned, since I probably won't understand I word you're saying. ;)

Bob Hale said...

And by sheer coincidence I have just a few minutes ago posted about the word "rant" on my own blog.

See - two comments. You do have readers. :)

Kalleh said...

Awwww...thank you my friends in England! Don't worry, arnie, I won't talk much about sports. It only gets to me every so often. I was just shocked my sister said, "You suck," simply because I said I hate the Packers. My daughter thinks she was kidding, so I hope so.