Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Art revisited

At the risk of boring the world, here is yet another conversation, on OEDILF, about the perennial "What is art?" discussion.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Epicaricacy Blog

Well, well. Another similar Blog has just been started: My Epicaricacy Blog. Before long our dear friend, John Simpson, will include the word in the OED. I just know he will. What then? What will I have to complain about? I guess there's always politics. Or the "What is art?" question. Bad beer. My kids/husband. My work. The Cubs. The weather. Oh, yeah. There will be lots of things.

Friday, August 13, 2010

And again...

I had the pleasure of touring the Portland Art Museum today, and it is much better than I had ever expected. There were a number of impressionists there, including some pieces from Renoir and Monet that I'd never seen. I had no idea that Renoir had sculptures (one of Rodin). Two Renoirs, two girls reading and one of the Seine, were exceptional. I hadn't realized, until this museum visit, that Sisley is considered to be British. I've always considered him to be French, and he does have a huge French influence in his art. And I was introduced to the American impressionist, Childe Hassam, whom I love! I also saw a great Picasso sculpture and von Gogh's "The Ox Cart," which is fabulous.

However, I also saw a few pieces that were, well, not art in my humble opinion. One was this big painting of large strokes of red and white paint. That's it. I don't know how anyone could ever like that one. Yet, the artist saw it as "art" so I guess Bob's definition holds for it. I do become confused, from time to time, on this question of what art is.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Canine Epicaricacy

My daughter has been living with us for a few months...with her cat. KC is half Siamese and really lovable and cute. But, Flirt, our Border Collie, does not like cats. When KC first moved in, they'd go at it...a lot! However, it became less and less, until now they essentially ignore each other and parallel play. Flirt keeps an eye on KC, though KC couldn't give a rip what Flirt does. Similarly, Flirt has a huge guilty conscience, while KC doesn't know the definition of guilt. The stage is set for the following story:

KC loves to get under the covers when I make the bed. At first, when I'd tell KC to "Get off the bed," Flirt, who was watching, would slink away, thinking it was she. That went on for awhile...until Flirt figured out that I was talking to the cat in that stern voice. Aha. Then Flirt's attitude changed. She rather liked my chasing the cat off the bed. She actually had a sort of "dog smile" on her face. I call it canine epicaricacy.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stieg Larsson

While there are no citations of "epicaricacy," I have so much enjoyed the Stieg Larrson trilogy. I just hope they publish the fourth one. I am on the second now and of course am looking forward to the third.

The whole intrigue surrounding Larrson's death isn't that different from his books. I wonder if Eva will be able to publish the one that's left in the computer. It's my understanding that they wrote the books together, so it's a travesty that she can't publish them and make money from them. The laws in Sweden seem quite old-fashioned; after all, they lived together for 32 years!

There even has been some "talk" that Larsson's death wasn't really from a heart attack...that there was some foul play. That's probably balderdash, but let's face it, Larrson could have written a book about his own life! Maybe that's all in book four...