Thursday, August 5, 2010

Canine Epicaricacy

My daughter has been living with us for a few months...with her cat. KC is half Siamese and really lovable and cute. But, Flirt, our Border Collie, does not like cats. When KC first moved in, they'd go at it...a lot! However, it became less and less, until now they essentially ignore each other and parallel play. Flirt keeps an eye on KC, though KC couldn't give a rip what Flirt does. Similarly, Flirt has a huge guilty conscience, while KC doesn't know the definition of guilt. The stage is set for the following story:

KC loves to get under the covers when I make the bed. At first, when I'd tell KC to "Get off the bed," Flirt, who was watching, would slink away, thinking it was she. That went on for awhile...until Flirt figured out that I was talking to the cat in that stern voice. Aha. Then Flirt's attitude changed. She rather liked my chasing the cat off the bed. She actually had a sort of "dog smile" on her face. I call it canine epicaricacy.


Bob Hale said...
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Bob Hale said...
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Bob Hale said...

Smiling dog (You will need to reassenble the bits of the link, I couldn't get it to post the whole thing in on)

Kalleh said...

Oh, Bob, that is hilarious! Ken and I have a book about dogs where it has a drawing of what dogs look like when they copulate. The male dog in the photo has a big smile. It's so funny!