Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stieg Larsson

While there are no citations of "epicaricacy," I have so much enjoyed the Stieg Larrson trilogy. I just hope they publish the fourth one. I am on the second now and of course am looking forward to the third.

The whole intrigue surrounding Larrson's death isn't that different from his books. I wonder if Eva will be able to publish the one that's left in the computer. It's my understanding that they wrote the books together, so it's a travesty that she can't publish them and make money from them. The laws in Sweden seem quite old-fashioned; after all, they lived together for 32 years!

There even has been some "talk" that Larsson's death wasn't really from a heart attack...that there was some foul play. That's probably balderdash, but let's face it, Larrson could have written a book about his own life! Maybe that's all in book four...

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