Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When "perfect" isn't perfect...

One of my friends has moved from Chicago to a small town on in Washington state. It is lovely there. The weather is what she has described as "perfect." There is no humidity and every day it's 80 with clear blue skies and no clouds. No storms. No "big hair" from the humidity.

So, what's the problem? She misses the unpredictability of Chicago's weather. One day it can be 80% humidity and 90 degrees, which feels like 105 (or so). The next it can be 80 with 40% humdity (today), and simply gorgeous. But then...there may be 50 mph winds with a thunderstorm. Thunderstorm! My friend misses them. She misses the humidity. The unpredictability of the weather. I can understand that. I lived in San Francisco for a year. I described it to everyone as 60 degrees all yearlong. The trees stayed the same. No fall. No spring. It was boring. That's the way my friend feels.

Now, when it storms or when it's 105, dripping with humidity, no, we don't love it. But we say, "Ah, that's Chicago. Tomorrow it will be different." We're not worried about "perfect" weather here in Chicago. We love the unpredictability!

Who'd have thunk it? Missing the unpredictability of Chicago's weather?

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