Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I received an email that AT&T has contributed $462,739 to Rich Perry's organization. I am not surprised. AT&T is one of the least ethical companies I know. Let me explain.

I used to have a private AT&T account. Now my company pays for one, but I will never, ever have a private one again. Here is what happened. I suddenly received a bill for hundreds of dollars for something I'd never received. I called, wrote letters, but all to no avail. Yet, AT&T kept up the requests for payment, and then the calls came. At first it was a few times a week, but soon it was multiple times a day! For something I didn't owe! Then the bill collectors called, and their bills came.

But, I am savvy. I know that if a company does something to affect your credit, you have a right to dispute it, and I did. Then when AT&T called, I began to say, "I do not owe this bill, and my time, like yours, is valuable. Therefore, I am charging you $100 per hour for each phone call, in 15 minutes increments for $25 each." That surprised them! Some just hung up. Others talked, and I sent AT&T the bills, but unfortunately was not compensated.

But, in the end, the only thing that stopped AT&T was the IL Attorney General's office. I finally reported AT&T (after more than a year of dealing with them), and believe it or not, Lisa Madigan sent them a letter and they stopped harrassing me! Plus, they sent me a letter or apology.

So, Perry, good luck with AT&T. I'd avoid them at all cost!

Having said all this, I have an iPhone from my company that is hosted by AT&T. What a joke that is. I lose calls and service all over the place. I so wish they'd go to Horizon!

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