Saturday, February 20, 2010


The beauty of a Blog is you can make a mistake and not have snarky responses. Lately I've been feeling a bit "followed after" on my favorite forum. Yes, I suppose it was quite rude of me to mention epicaricacy in the same breath as with the plane plunging into the IRS building. But those with even the tiniest sense of humor might see how it could relate to epicaricacy. Of course it was a heinous/atrocious/vicious/hateful/evil/horrendous action that caused death and much sorrow. Of course. Not denying that.

Ah, but here it's so free. Heck, I can even say "Oy vey" and not feel guilty. I think I'd like just a free flowing Blog, too, as having a subject can make this one difficult.

One thing, though, I've wondered lately about both epicaricacy and Schadenfreude is that an adjective really is needed. They seem to be words you use to describe how people feel.


Bob Hale said...

"The beauty of a Blog is you can make a mistake and not have snarky responses"

Yeah. Nobody reads mine either. :( :)

Bob Hale said...

The logical adjectival form of epicaricacy would be epicaracious. In German the logical adjectival form of Schadenfreude would be schadenfreudlich.

Of course I have no idea if eiher word actually exists.

Kalleh said...

Yeah, I see your point, Bob, about having no readers. It isn't all that bad, is it?

I'd never be good at posting hugely controversial material on a Blog and then receiving offensive and negative responses. I have too much of a "I want everyone to like me" characteristic - which sometimes serves me well, but other times doesn't.