Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Now I know why!

There is a fun editorial in the Chicago Tribune today which absolutely explains why:

"yes, we're prone to eradicating caps in our own e-mails, for speed's sake and also because it just feels good to break the rules once in a while. capital letters are so authoritarian. "

aint it the truth?

Hee! Hee! It does feel good.

No wonder I start a few sentences with "and" or "but," though they are promptly changed by our editors. I find myself ending sentences with prepositions every so often, though, once again, that sentence is changed. I will slip in a comma or take out a comma, just to fluster everyone.

However, here was my favorite. One of my editors hates starting sentences with "however." "It's just not done! You have more emphasis if you say, 'here, however, was my favorite.'" Well, this particular critical writer moved my "however" to the inside of the sentence. I split the sentence in two (that really needed to be done) and then secretly slipped the "however" to the beginning of the sentence. When I got it back, I checked. Yes, the sentence stayed divided into 2 sentences. But, no, the "however" did not stay at the beginning of the sentence.

Ah...it can be fun working with a bunch of prescriptivists.

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