Monday, November 10, 2008

The gender gap

I wrote a limerick for OEDILF...quite fun really. Here it is:

While I sat in the beauty salon,
That bitch took my Louis Vuitton!
That dastard is cunning
But as she is running,
Impeccable taste she will don!

How did I know that men wouldn't get it? One of the workshoppers thought I was talking about a trunk! Now, women, don't you all know about those gorgeous Louis Vuitton handbags? We drool about them, even though most of us can't afford them. However, men don't even know about them. Such is life.


Cat said...

Sigh - men!

Not to worry- I get it.

Kalleh said...

Cat, I love your theory: "Men are babies." Just last Saturday something happened with a man friend to exemplify that. I guess it comes from getting too much.

You gotta love 'em though!