Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I write limericks and enjoy doing so. I also love reading them. This is one of my favorites:

To his bride said the lynx-eyed detective,
"Could it be that my eyesight's defective?
Has your east tit the least bit
The best of the west tit?
Or is it a trick of perspective?"

My husband introduced me to that one, and many others, after we met. Before that, I hadn't enjoyed limericks and because of that didn't learn anything about them. Would you learn about baseball if you didn't like it? Same thing.

So does it mean someone's not that bright because he or she doesn't know which lines of a limerick rhyme? Or how many lines it has? I think not.

Yet some on Wordcraft (and probably everyone on OEDILF) think so. If you're not into something, does that make you "not that bright?"

BTW, as to the limerick above; here is a copy of it (poorly done!) that I found on the Internet:

To his girl, said the sharp-eyed detective,
"It may be that my eyesight's defective.
Has your east tit the least bit the best of your west tit?
Or is it the fault of perspective?"

Now this guy may really not be that bright because, judging from his Web site, he is into limericks.

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Anonymous said...

On a whim, I recently wrote a self-referential limerick and uploaded it as a video.

I was inspired by this poem, which (unlike my completely whimsical limerick) is actually good.