Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4 Limericks

For some reason, I was just inundated this year with requests for writing book chapters. I find them hard to write because you have to please the book editors and then the company editors, whereas for an article you just need to please yourself and the editors. I also find them tough because they usually involve a background of the subject, along with a comprehensive review, while with an article you can take a particular slant on your passion.

Therefore, I took the liberty of writing limericks for each chapter, trying to make my mark on them and to make them a bit fun. Surprisingly, all 3 editors (1 editor had requested 2 chapters) were thrilled with the limericks. In one the editor had wanted to change the limerick a bit, and I said I'd just delete it (her changes were awful), and she said, "Oh no! Keep it. Never mind; I won't touch it!" Here are the 4 limericks:

1) chapter on the approval of nursing programs:

An approval at state boards of nursing
Takes a careful review and conversing
On the health of the school
And meeting each rule.
And that's what this chapter's rehearsing!

2) chapter on interprofessional collaboration:

Since nursing's a teamwork vocation
With science and art its foundation,
Is it too much to ask
In this admirable task
That we focus on collaboration?

3) chapter on regulatory perspective on nursing education:

While planning for course innovation,
Our mantra for nurse education
Is, "Please be aware
That face-to-face care
Is vital for nurses' formation."

4) chapter on transition to practice:

In nursing let's bring to fruition
A standardized course to transition
New nurses to practice,
Like docs, cuz the fact is,
It's a safety, no-brainer position!


seanahan said...

I really like the second one, very well written.

Kalleh said...

Well, thank you Sean. We've been missing you from Wordcraft!

Cat said...