Thursday, June 11, 2009

Identity politics

Identity politics has been in the news lately, though I really don't want to start a political discussion on Wordcraft. Therefore, I will talk about it here.

Interestingly, the Republicans are complaining about Obama's supreme court nominee, after analyzing to death one sentence from her many talks and writings. I know that Democrats do this too, but it's incredibly stupid to make a judgment based on taking something out of context. However, all the conservatives are doing it, including of course my least favorite (rather dimwitted John Kass) in today's column where he says, " Identity politics is so tiring and vulgar." Does he by any chance remember Sarah Palin??? I would write him, but I have several times, and he apparently only answers those who agree with him.

For those who think identity politics is "vulgar," I wonder if they want to do away with our representatives. Aren't they, by definition, identity politicians? Or maybe it's only the Democratic representatives who are? Um hmm! And don't get me started on what happened in Kansas recently!

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