Monday, July 20, 2009

Twitter knows about epicaricacy

Thank heavens for those Google alerts. Yes, just today I found that Robin Bloor has tweeted about "epicaricacy." That word is really getting around!

I suppose I should begin to tweet a bit, but I haven't found a reason yet. I know that people first heard about Michael Jackson from Twitter, but what does a nano-second mean anyway? I really am perplexed about what people see in Twitter. A friend found that I have a Twitter account [I have one follower :)], but neither of us knew what to do with it. Perhaps one of my many readers can explain. [I am full of sarcasm today! One might think I were British, except I don't write color with a u.]


Bob Hale said...

"I am full of sarcasm today! One might think I were British,"

Ah, the ever-present colonial confusion between sarcasm and irony. :)

Cat said...

For me, twitter didn't make much sense until I added an interface that allowed me to have twitter access all the time while I'm online. I use Firefox browser, and I added the Twitterfox app to it. In essence, this is a small "t" in the bottom right corner of my browser, and when someone I follow tweets, it gives me a brief pop-up (you can disable pop-ups, too) and if I click on that "t", I can see all recent tweets. This allows me to keep it open and fresh all the time. I enjoy knowing what my colleagues are doing/reading/thinking about. We often share things about great articles we find, workshops that have been helpful, and even where to meet up for drinks on Friday night. I also follow a few favorite famous people (Neil Gaiman, John Cleese) and some local businesses (which have yielded me some nice twitter-only discounts on Mochas and Ice Creams!)