Saturday, August 15, 2009

Time to get serious

One of my readers keeps me on the up and up sometimes, and I'll probably hear from that person.

I am thinking of not writing limericks anymore if I don't win at least a mention in the WPSI. After all, I've been entering those lousy contests since 2004 for heaven's sake. I've seen some pretty mediocre ones getting mentioned. The Empress doesn't have perfect taste in limericks. So how about letting one teeny tinsy limerick of mine slip right by?

If I don't get a mention, I am thinking of pulling out of limerick writing altogether. There are still haiku and DDs, after all. Heck, Shu has been challenging me with "dipsomaniacal" which is a great DD word.

I hate to say "never" so I won't. But I really want a mention!!!!


Cat said...

Didn't you recently blog about competitiveness? I think poetry, limericks included, is like music and storytelling. You can't really compare one with another, and thus can't really compare a winner in any fair way. It's all arbitrary and totally subjective. It's like art! Take 100 limericks and 3 judges . . . in separate rooms . . . and they'll come up with totally different winners. Seriously. Either don't let it get to you and keep playing . . . or write it all off as a subjective silliness and move on. Either way, I hope you find some peace and closure.

Bob Hale said...

All of what cat said plus don't forget to enclose the $100 bill. :)

Kalleh said...

Oh, I know. It's just that every year I read through those reams of limericks with no mention of mine. I've tried saying nothing when I send them to her, and then again I've sidled up to her (like I know others do) on other submissions, each with no winner.

What I probably should do is simply write off the WPSI and keep writing limericks. I will send my measly one in, and then maybe I won't check to see who wins. That'll be my plan!

Thanks, Cat and Bob!