Thursday, July 8, 2010

How do you do it?

This is not an epicaricacy, or even a word post. This is just a complaint beware.

I wish I were more like my colleagues on Wordcraft. Many there don't care about sports, and right now I wish that were I. While not overboard at all, I am a true blue Chicago Bulls fan. But now that LeBron James, along with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, have decided to join the Miami Heat, next year in basketball is over. Why is that allowed? Our season is over before it starts?

And don't even get me started on the Dwayne Wade fiasco...what a liar! He said he was interested in Chicago only so that he could see what their pitch was. He then took that information to Pat Riley (with the slicked back hair), and they used it in their pitches. Illegal? Probably not, merely because the NBA is incompetent. But ethical? Clearly not.

I love basketball, and I still want to be a fan. While it's not the Chicago Bulls' fault that there has been such manipulation, I can't watch them lose because of the complete failure of the NBA. I will watch college basketball instead.

I just wish I didn't like basketball so much. I don't know how my Wordcraft friends do it; how are they able to stay free of sports?


seanahan said...

I care a great deal about the Chicago Bulls, and I've been sort of resigned to Lebron going to the Heat since this afternoon.

Still, the NBA has complicated salary rules, and essentially the Miami Heat will be 2 superstars, 1 star, and 9 guys you've never heard of. Basketball requires 5 players, so their team will struggle, especially since the big 3 will have to play most every minute of every game. Also, with players of that level, egos will come into play.

The Bulls signed Boozer, which is a good signing for them, and have Derrick Rose, one of the best young players in the league. If they can sign one other good free agent, they have a shot to start an epic rivalry with the Heat.

Tom said...

It is with no small sense of epicurean delight that I look upon the travails of the NBA. I've been a hater since the late 90's, catalyzed by the antics of Allen Iverson, and epicaricacy amply describes my state of mind these last few years with regards to the shenanigans of our extra-large brethren. Justice would be well served if the Heat were stricken, non-fatally, and didn't make the playoffs. In an ideal world, the players will all engage in some mysogynistic adventure, caught on tape, and forced to spend the season golfing.

'nuff said.
-- "Love the game, hate the players."

Kalleh said...

Well, I did appreciate both of your responses. I am feeling better today, though last night I was livid.

The worst of it is, I am in Columbus, Ohio, now (and last night) while they experience losing their star. I probably feel worse for them than I do for the Bulls. First of all, they now have very little and surely will sink into obscurity. But second, they trusted their player. I see now on the media that the Cleveland owner thinks LeBron threw the last game of the playoffs. He very well could have. He was so passive in that game. What a first-class spoiled brat! I really hope Miami fails, but that most likely won't happen. And I am sure the media will reward them with all sorts of special broadcasts and games. His ugly face appeared all over the TV today.

To my Ohio colleagues: So sorry. I can't imagine how I would have felt had Michael left!