Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I am writing a book chapter on interprofessional collaboration. In health care it used to be called interdisciplinary collaboration or multidisciplinary collaboration. However, now we are calling it interprofessional collaboration. The best explanation I can find is that physicians think of interdisciplinary collaboration as collaborating within disciplines, such as internal medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, and surgery. Therefore, interprofessional collaboration includes nursing and other professions. Okay, I've got that. I assume, however, that as soon as the book is available for purchase, the terminology will again change.

However, I digress... I am writing this for some assistance. Since I am a limerick lover (is there a word for that?), I'd like to start the chapter with a limerick. I strongly suspect my editors will remove it, but it's worth a try. A while ago I held a contest on Wordcraft seeking a limerick, and I liked Richard's (which I have tweaked) the best. Others will be cheerfully accepted!

Now nursing we know's a vocation
With theory and care its foundation,
So in this great task
Is it too much to ask
That we struggle for collaboration?

I don't like "struggle," but couldn't find much else. Otherwise, I like it. I am also going to post it on Wordcraft.

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