Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Time to Reflect

The chapter on collaboration is in, and what a lot of work! While I write a lot in my job, and even outside of my job, I never find it easy. A writing course would be helpful, though do I have the time for it?

Especially with scholarly work, I always wait for the most recent report or study that would be "perfect." That of course enables me to procrastinate, without feeling guilty (or too guilty). I am happy with my chapter, though, as it not only reviewed the literature, which is all I would have done in the past, but it also builds upon my experiences, including conference presentations of major initiatives, in the area. This latter part makes it much more engaging than other chapters I've written, and it gives the reader a chance to reflect on real situations or initiatives, using the principles I've presented of course. Oh, and I did start with a limerick (we'll see if the editor keeps it!), and here is what I finally submitted:

Since nursing’s a teamwork vocation
With theory and care its foundation,
Is it too much to ask
In this admirable task
That we focus on collaboration?

I wonder if "arduous" is better than "admirable," but I have time for that. The Brits say "admirable" with 3 syllables, but I suspect many Americans say it in 4. Still, I like the concept of "admirable" more than that of "arduous."

I found this lovely poem in the most recent issue of JAMA that I thought I'd share with all of you. It is good to have a little time! (Richard English would eschew it, claiming it's merely prose.)


To a modest pond filling
with Spring's runoff
we walk together -
same path each year.

Today you use a stick for balance.
Halfway there, too far,
you must stop
your back tired.

The trail home crosses a small
stream, no more than a rivulet,
gentle slope to soft bank
steep for 80 years and one stick.

At your request I take your left hand
helping you through emerald grass
to this quiet water -
my Eünoè your Lethe.

You cross and walk away carefully
- each step itself redeemed.
I turn back to the pond
now filling faster.

Michael Wynn, DO
Salem, Oregon


Cat said...

I like your limerick better than the Water poem. The Water poem seems too sad for me.

I'm writing a book chapter right now, too. It's hard! I keep getting caught up in storytelling and forgetting that "professional voice". Sigh.

Kalleh said...

Yes, Cat, I've been accused of that, too. On the other hand, professional reading has changed a bit, and no longer do they insist on "in the writer's experience;" instead it's "in my experience." The former sounds so stilted.