Friday, July 11, 2008

Epicaricacy in the news

I suppose, considering the name of this Blog, I should write about "epicaricacy" every so often. I found this use of it on a very unlikely Web site...Flickr, a Nikon/Digital discussion board. As is usual on a lot of forums, there is some snarkiness there. Here's the comment with "epicaricacy":

"Your verbose and confusing choice of vocabulary does gently massage my tendencies towards epicaricacy, I do like to think of all the peeps ur diverting off to wiki just so they can understand you. Keep up the good work with the big words what people can't say or spell good; solipsists being my personal favorite. Philosophical theory combined with good old soap box ranting, love it!"

One wonders if he even knows what it means. He surely didn't use it correctly, at least from my perspective.


Cat said...

Isn't he enjoying the fact that others are suffering by feeling inferior in their knowledge of vocabulary?

Kalleh said...

I suppose that could be it, Cat.