Monday, October 20, 2008

Limerick Judging

Blogs can be a good place to blow off a little steam. So here goes...

We have a limerick game on Wordcraft. It started out simply enough with a few of us having fun writing limericks about places. The place might be Hong Kong or London or Paris. However, as happens in life, I suppose, it has gotten serious. People from OEDILF have joined us. People aren't happy with just one submission, so they've been submitting lots more. The judging has been fair, I suppose, but I surely haven't always agreed with it, on many different fronts. Then there is my intense competitiveness. Not winning has been wearing on me. So, I've decided not to submit limericks anymore. I like my limericks, and I am not going to let others make me feel bad about them.

Speaking of limericks, here is the limerick that will start a chapter I am writing:

In nursing let's bring to fruition
A standardized course to transition
New nurses to practice,
Like docs, cuz the fact is
It's a safety, no-brainer position!


Bob Hale said...

You do realise what you've done here, don't you? Now, if you submit the greatest limerick ever written with perfect metre and rhyme and an absolute killer Line 5 and the person choosing recognises the true genius of it an picks it... you are always going to wonder, "did he just pick it because I was complaining?"

You have condemned yourself to an eternity of self-doubt.


Kalleh said...

Of course I do, Bob. That's why I said that I won't be submitting limericks anymore in the limerick game. I thought long and hard before posting that either here or on Wordcraft. Besides Ken, I also talked with a few people privately to see if I should be honest with my feelings. They all said that I should keep submitting limericks and forget about it. However, I just couldn't.

It wasn't the last judging, or any particular one really, that made me feel that way. It was a combination, though in one particular contest I was a little surprised that I didn't win, but I was even more surprised with the limerick that did win. I can understand differences in opinions. But every time?

This is not a life-changing decision, obviously. It just means there will be one fewer limerick to judge in that sea of limericks that are submitted each time. No big deal.

I know that I sound like a poor loser, sour grapes, a baby, etc. On the other hand, I have also been honest and am not going around badmouthing people or complaining, which is what sometimes happens. So you have to give me that. I at least speak from my heart, and I will continue to do so.