Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nathan Bierma's Columns are Missing

The Chicago Tribune changed their format. Some like it, and some don't. It's thinner, though busy, and more like the Internet. In fact, on the top of the page, an arrow shows you where you are in relation to the other sections. I found that rather innovative. In general, though, it seems less intellectual and more glitzy. I've always loved the separate book section of the Tribune, and now it's just one page in the regular paper. Then one of my favorite columns, Nathan Bierma's "On Language" won't appear anymore. Doesn't that just figure? The comics and food section and fashion are all there. Why take away the intellectual sections. I suppose it's yet another comment on society.


Nathan said...

Thanks for your kind words! The only good news is that a book collection of my columns is on its way! Check it out at .

Thanks again,


Kalleh said...

I sure will, Nathan. I will post that link on Wordcraft, too.

I have linked to many of your columns on Wordcraft, and we've had some great discussions. We haven't always agreed with you, but we've respected your keen knowledge of language.

Please let me know if your any other paper prints your columns, and I am looking forward to your book.