Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I heard that some Blogs are getting lots of spam. That's one advantage to not having a lot of spam, but, alas, no comments either. I enjoy Blogging, I guess, but it would be a lot more fun with more readers. I envy those who seem to have the knack.


Bob Hale said...

't bet on it. Spambots are automatic that don't care if you get zero hits or a million.

Two hours it took me to clean my blog comments yesterday and I don't get many more hits than you.

Bob Hale said...

Don't know what happened there. That should read "Don't bet on it"

Cat. said...

The captcha you use should help keep the bots at bay.

But mostly I just wanted to say that I read you, but am usually too lazy to comment.

Kalleh said...

Well, thank you, Bob and Cat. I do have 2 readers! I am mostly kidding, though. Still...a little spam would make me feel important!

Koriyama said...

I've just stumbled across your blog. Ordinarily I wouldn't comment, but you seem lonely...

Kalleh said...

So lonely! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Re: not enough readers, I know the feeling.

Re: spam, a lot of spammers try to spam me, but on my Wordpress blog it's filtered automatically and I hardly ever have to deal with it.

For some reason, the post that gets the most persistent attacks from spammers is one I wrote about my handwriting back in 2006.

Kalleh said...

Well, Outerhoard, that's a very nice Blog. And I loved that 2006 entry!

I have a question. What do people do to find other Blogs? I should probably do more of that.

Anonymous said...

How I Found Your Blog

(A true story by Adrian Morgan)

Once upon a time I only read one language blog, and that was Language Log. But sometimes I experienced a craving for more language blogs, so I decided to try reading some of the blogs on Language Log's blogroll.

Many of those blogs were very good, and so whenever I felt the craving for more language blogs, I would go to Language Log's blogroll and find something to click on. But not all of them were of interest to me, and moreover, some of the links were out of date.

And so I decided that I should have my very own list of language blogs to read, instead of relying on someone else's blogroll, and embarked upon a quest in order to find such a list.

Starting with Language Log's blogroll, I appointed the very best of its blogs to be on my list. Then, fearing that there might be some good language blogs out there that aren't on Language Log's blogroll at all, I browsed the blogrolls of the blogs on Language Log's blogroll to see what else I could find.

One of the blogs on the blogroll of at least one blog on the blogroll of Language Log was a little blog called Friends of Epicaricacy. This turned out to be rather well written, and a good read overall.

So I put it on my list and everyone lived happily ever after. (Well, obviously not everyone, or else you'd have to choose another name for the blog.)