Saturday, July 21, 2012

Not word related...and not for NRA lovers

So...does the NRA still believe that guns don't kill people?  Would that horrible shooting in the Colorado theatre have happened without assault rifles?  And, really, why would an innocent person ever need an assault rifle?  Or a handgun, for that matter?  I can understand rifles for hunting or gun collections.  However, when we allow people to conceal guns, and especially to have assault rifles, we are welcoming this kind of violence.

I will never understand those who support guns ad lib.  And I can assure you, once the supporter's family is involved in something like this, he/she will no longer be a supporter.  I've been there.

By the way...just curious, did anyone's concealed handgun help in this situation?


Mumbles said...
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Mumbles said...

'm new here, was looking around at "epicaricacy" sources and found you. Did I misspell that? Probably. And someone will probably take joy in my misery. Anyway, this post caught my eye, and I just wanted to give a thumbs up.