Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pronunciation of epicaricacy

There's always workshopping angst on OEDILF.  My limerick on epicaricacy is being held up because the word is so rare that no one knows the "correct" pronunciation.  Mrs. Byrne's dictionary says it might be:  /EP i kar IK i see/  Tsuwm on Worthless Word of the Day replicates that pronunciation, but then tells me in email that he thinks my way is right:  ep-ih-KARE-ih-kuh-SEE.

Clearly my limerick needs it to be pronounced my way, so I am going to leave it.  If it stays at 3 approvals (I am not even sure how many they need now, but more than 3), so be it.  It will never be approved.  I like the limerick anyway!


seanahan said...

I think the limerick is excellent. I pronounce it similarly to the latter pronunciation, although I say "Kar" instead of "Kare". The pronunciations with emphasis on the third and sixth syllable are necessary for the limerick to work, but I don't like Byrne's pronunciation anyways.

Cat Fithian said...

Can you please post your limerick here?