Friday, September 26, 2008

A reader's observation

Interesting.  A reader emailed me and pointed out that I used the same construction that I abhor...right in this conversation.  Here is what I had said:
On the other hand, those who have one point of view (and you can always predict what it will be), those who will argue their views on and on for days on end, those who don't pay any attention to other sides...they are anti-intellectual and probably not worth listening to.
Is this the same?  We have talked about it, and I said my verbiage sounds correct to me.  He said maybe it's a matter of "proximity."  Maybe.  But most likely I have made the very same mistake that I have criticized.


Cat said...

I think punctuation makes it a different usage. You're safe in my book.

zmjezhd said...

Could be it's not a mistake.