Friday, September 19, 2008

Thanks, Sean!

I've had problems keeping my Blog up because as soon as I think of a word post, I decide to post it on Wordcraft. Sometimes I post my thoughts in both places, but I'd like to have this be my own separate place. Sean gave me the idea that, from time to time, I should post "epicaricacy" limericks. That's a great idea, Sean!

I already posted this favorite of mine that Hic had posted on Wordcraft:

Want a word which we wish were deployed?
We all would be quite overjoyed
Someday to see
Replacing that beast, 'schadenfreude'.

Of course, the schadenfreude and deployed don't totally rhyme, but close enough! I like it.

However, here is one of mine:

Schadenfreude's a word I just hate;
Epicaricacy I await!
It means one is joyed
When another's destroyed.
It's John Simpson who holds the word's fate!

[note: ep-i-CAR-i-ca-SEE]


Bob Hale said...

Epicaricacy? Well it's true
Some wish we'd use more than we do,
But we don't and I'm glad
That that makes them sad.
It seems an appropriate view.

Kalleh said...

Hmmm, I don't get it. You're glad that we don't use it, but that makes you sad? What is the appropriate view? Sorry to be dunce!

Bob Hale said...

My (purely feigned for the benefit of the limerick) joy at your sadness about people not using "epicaricacy"... seems somewhat ironic? N'est ce pas?

It doesn't make ME sad, it makes me happy that THEY are sad.

Kalleh said... are good!