Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Abe and Charles!

Imagine, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin being born on exactly the same day 200 years ago. Amazing. Lincoln changed the face of the U.S. and Darwin changed the face of science. They were 2 amazing men.

Lincoln, of course, is closer to my heart, being from Illinois and all. The Chicago Tribune today published some of their columns from Lincoln's day. They are so interesting, and it's fun to see how newspaper articles were written quite differently in those days. See this. I especially liked the "Lincoln as He is" one. This quote is hilarious:

"He never drinks intoxicating liquors of any sort, not even a glass of wine. He is not addicted to tobacco, in any of its shapes. He never was accused of a licentious act in all his life. He never uses profane language. A friend says that once, when in a towering rage in consequence of the efforts of certain parties to perpetrate a fraud on the State, he was heard to say 'They shan't do it, d-n'em!' but beyond an expression of that kind, his bitterest feelings never carry him."

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