Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two Blogs Using Epicaricacy!

Imagine my surprise when I found two (see October 20th post) Blogs had used the word epicaricacy! The first site, Epicurean, had some interesting points. First, he said that, "Humor is just Schadenfreude with a clear conscience." Now isn't that true, at least sometimes. He also had these Japanese words, which I am not sure about. I don't know if they are real words or not: "幸災樂禍 enjoying (other's) calamity (and) laughing at (others') misfortune 他人の不幸は蜜の味 (tanin no fukō wa mitsu no aji?), translates literally as 'others' misfortunes are the taste of honey.'" If, indeed, the translation is that others' misfortunes are the taste of honey...isn't that eloquent?

The other site, though, is all political and not the politics of my choice. His comment not only was second-rate, but I had the idea way before he did! (See my post on February 11th.)

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