Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do we really understand

The Arizona immigration law has caused a lot of talk here. This article tells about a high school girls team from Highland Park where the district has cancelled a basketball tournament because of Arizona's new law targeting illegal immigration. Highland Park schools also incorporate Highwood, which has a significant number of Latinos.

People are mad about this. They are calling it hypocritical. However, they are Caucasians who have never experienced profiling. They don't get it. I will never forget my son's high school track coach. He was African-American, teaching in Winnetka. Every single day he had to carry his driver's license on his visor...for easy retrieval. The "North Shore" just doesn't have many African-Americans, and time after time he'd get picked up.

I can't imagine how it must feel, but I support District 113 in Highland Park for not choosing to travel to Arizona. I hope the baseball all-star team pulls out too. That law is a disgrace.

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