Friday, May 14, 2010

Over 50 and not married?

I can be so naive sometimes. I hadn't heard of the kerfuffle about Kagen being a Lesbian. After all, the thinking apparently goes, she is 50 and not married. In the link below Mary Schmich makes fun of the accusations:

"If you are an unmarried woman over 40 carrying 15 extra pounds, you are totally gay.

If you are a stocky, unmarried woman of whatever age who plays softball — gay, gay, gay.

And if you're that woman who's also smarter than most of the boys? Beyond gay, sweetheart. You are scary."

These gossipy yahoos need to get a life. This lady was a law professor at one of the most prestigious law schools in the world...the U of a very young age (much like our current president). She was the first woman dean of Harvard Law School, again before age 50. What an accomplished lady. I wish the media, the conservatives, and the fools would get off her back.

By the way, so what if she were a Lesbian anyway?

Mary Schmich Elena Kagan gay stereotype -

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Hamster said...

Conservatives are always looking for labels.
They would love it if people wore signs saying "gay" and "straight"
Life would be so perfect for them.
They just hate it when they can't pigeonhole people.

It's just like anyone who speaks English poorly or with a heavy accent, has brown skin and works in the agricultural industry must be an illegal alien.

So if a woman has short hair and isn't married...she's gay!!!

Kalleh said...

I agree with you, Hamster. I don't know you, but thanks for reading my Blog. I hope you'll read my entry today.

Cat said...

Last time I got a haircut my sister said "Don't get it cut too short. Only lesbians have boy cuts now-adays." News to me! Honestly, I laughed at her and told her she's nuts. Between you and me, I think she just listens to her D*&$head husband too much.

I almost got my head shaved just to bug them. Then I decided that shoulder length purple hair would bug them just as much and please myself (and my husband) more.