Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lesbian or not, she's a good lady

Here's the crux of this voice of the people in the Tribune today:

"When I was a second-year law student, my father died suddenly.

Obviously it was a great family tragedy.

My mother was a wreck, and I considered dropping out of school permanently so I could come home to Chicago to be with her.

Though then-Dean Kagan knew me only vaguely, she wrote my mom a handwritten letter of condolence in which she promised that she and the school would do everything possible to support our family during our hardship.

I was subsequently given a financial-aid scholarship and Harvard permitted me to earn some credits at Northwestern Law School so I could spend more time at home.

I am now a lawyer in Chicago, and I recently bumped into Kagan at a conference.

I thanked her profusely for what she and the school had done for my family.

As is her way, she immediately shrugged it off and asked how my mom was doing."

Voice of the People, May 16, 2010 -

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