Friday, April 11, 2008

Do you like Blogs?

As I've said, I started this Blog to see if Seanahan was really right...that it would only take 10 minutes to start a Blog. He was right. Now I must build it.

A few of my friends from Wordcraft have been nice enough to stop by every so often. But that's about it. So I find that I mostly talk to myself. Is that how others feel? What do people find rewarding about this? I'd rather post on a forum, where I people respond, and there are interesting exchanges. I find this isolating. Maybe I'm just not interesting enough to attract others.



Bob Hale said...

You need to ask yourself two questions - "How will people even know my blog exists?" and "How will I know if they visit?"

The answer to the second is easy, add a counter to your blog. I use Google Analytics but the dashboard will point you at plenty of others.

The first question has the answer "they won't". You can tell everyone you know and tell them to tell everyone you know. Blogger will make it visible to search engines. I'm going to add a few links to other blogs that I read and let their owners know I've done it in case they want to add mine. But the bottom line is that blog readership starts very slowly and may or may not build depending on whether people who come once come back again. Patience is the key - and the knowledge that unless you delete it your blog will be out there forever.

Cat said...

I guess I do sort of keep my blogs for myself. My mother reads them, and a few friends, sometimes, but for me it's just about being here. I'm showing up for the game, ya know? I'm not writing about anything that is earth-shattering, or deep, or all that important - it's just me.

Kalleh said...

Well, in my mind the jury is still out on Blogs. I really don't want to talk to myself, and I doubt that no one will "find" my Blog since there are so many wonderful ones out there on words and language. On the other hand, I am sure I could start one on nursing and get some good readership. But I don't want to! I work in nursing for 60+ hours a week, and I want to Blog on other things.

I'll give it a try and see what happens. Bob, I have no idea what adding a counter means, and I still haven't figured out how to add links. I will keep looking, though.


Cat. said...

Hi, I'm a lurker on the Wordcraft boards--I never post, but I read obsessively--and found my way over here to check out your corner of Blogland.

I've been blogging for over four years now. I love it, but you do have to find your own level, and your own reason to keep at it.

One way to find out more about things like counters and RSS and links and blogrolls...(etc. etc.) is to see if your local library has any classes in blogging. Mine does. I teach it.

Yes, I'm a librarian IRL (In Real Life). If your library doesn't do them, ask the program people to think about running a class or two. Or drop me a line and you can come to mine! I'm in Chicagoland but WAY out in the sticks.