Monday, April 7, 2008

Where do I go from here?

As Bob has said, I started this Blog because Seanahan, on Wordcraft, had said you could start a Blog in 10 minutes. I didn't believe him. I thought it would take weeks. Months maybe. Or most likely, not being computer savvy, I'd never be able to do it. Amazingly, Sean was right! So I started this Blog on a rather protracted subject. So what to do?

Well "epicaricacy" is a rare word. I love words and language. In fact, I am an administrator on a fairly active language site, Wordcraft. So I will use this opportunity to talk about word and language questions, thoughts, etc.

As I've said, I'm far from a linguist, though I don't know what that is, and I tend to disagree with Goofy's definition. I do have great respect for linguist types, though, such as Goofy or zmj and, heck, on zmj's old Blog, he talked about "epicaricacy": However, one of my favorite language Blogs is Language Log, and I'd be so honored if they ever entered my humble abode (they won't!). Their site is apparently not working now. However, another site I admire is Language Hat, and I can link to theirs:

One question? Is the point of a Blog to someday be famous?


goofy said...

You don't think that people who work in university linguistic departments are linguists?

seanahan said...

"Amazingly, Sean was right"? If you keep taking my advice, one day your blog will end up famous, or at least, I will keep reading it. I think the idea of taking a small topic and expanding it to all other interests is a good basis for a blog.