Friday, April 25, 2008

Republican Words

Yesterday's post made me wonder if there really are "Republican words," so I looked in Google. The very first article that came up was from the 1887 NY Times. How fun to see how they wrote back then. They actually called the "women" in the audience "ladies." How refreshing! Can you imagine hearing now about the "ladies" who are supporting Hillary? The first sentence uses the word "benighted," which is new to me. It means "unenlightened" or "intellectually or morally ignorant." Great word! (Hmm, what political party might those types be from?) The use of words and the sentence structure were entertaining. For example, talking about the introduction of the speakers the author said, "They were given with tremendous vim, so heartily, in fact, that Col. Grant blushed with pleasure and bowed his thanks repeatedly." The audience also applauded "ironically" and "grew cheerfully sarcastic."

Those days must have been fun!

However, I found no lists of "Republican words," though I did find a number of rather sickening articles, excluding the above article.

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