Sunday, April 20, 2008


Okay...I am a bit of a dunce, I admit it. This is the problem with being an "amateur" at writing about words and language. Apparently the spelling of "misocainia," since 1908, has changed to "misocainea," and it is a lot more known than I had thought. I suppose I should have heard of it, though one can't be expected to know every, single word, can one?

At any rate, when I read the dictionary entries, they only say, "hatred of new ideas," or the like, and don't include any of the nuances that were included in that 1908 text. Even Anu Garg, from AWAD, didn't have much about it, though he at least included this quote, "'Although I agree with the majority that no appellate court has yet held an insurer liable absent a premium payment, it may be nothing more than appellate judges suffering from a case of misocainea!' Hill v. Chubb Life American Insurance Co., Arizona Business Gazette (Phoenix), Nov 11, 1993.", as well as a little about the Greek etymology: "miso" means "hate" and "caino" means "new." So we'll give him the highest score on that word discussion.

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