Monday, April 21, 2008

Making Mistakes

Recently, either here or on Wordcraft (, I have made some pretty big mistakes. Besides the "misocainea" disaster, on Wordcraft I accused Jonah Goldberg (not one of my favorite conservative columnists) of making an error in etymology that he really hadn't made (, and I had thought a poster had misspelled "challot":

The fact is, in a matter of 1 week I had made each of those errors. Fortunately, most of my Internet friends are forgiving and therefore let me know of my mistakes gently. However, that's not always the case. Even I was quite enthused about telling Jonah Goldberg of the error I'd thought he'd made. I've seen how Bloggers, all over the world, enjoy putting down others for making errors.

Perhaps we should all sit back and realize that we are human and we make mistakes. Even the most erudite make mistakes. From now on I will be more forgiving, that's for sure.

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