Saturday, January 24, 2009

Did Bush Cause a Little Epicaricacy?

I had an interesting conversation with a gentleman who hated Bush. Suddenly he's not so enthralled with Obama either. First he criticized him for screwing up the oath (that was the chief justice's fault) and then he was skeptical of his handling of Guantanamo Bay, the economy, and other things. Yet, this person (not an American) had, rightly so, continually criticized and made fun of Bush. So what's up? Wouldn't you think he'd be supportive of Obama who is about 180 degrees from Bush? I suspect Bush created a little epicaricacy...this man loved that he made the U.S. look so stupid. Now he doesn't have that. Indeed, we are earning a little respect worldwide. Life really is quite complicated, isn't it? I had expected my friend to be as thrilled as I am.

BTW, I did sign up for tsuwm's worthless word for the day. However, I had to do so through my Yahoo account, which is obamabarack60. I developed that account during our chat masquerade party, and I don't have another account with them. It looks a little stupid, but oh well. Perhaps tsuwm won't notice.


Anonymous said...

Despite having read your blog for a while, I must confess that until now I've never actually looked up "epicaricacy".

I had guessed, incorrectly, that it was related to the word "caricature", and therefore might mean "the quality of taking caricature too far" or possibly "the quality of being impossible to parody".

(I was on holiday last week and am now catching up with what's been happening on blogs while I was away.)

Kalleh said...

Oh, how nice to have a newbie comment. I had to look up Warrnambool, so I guess we're even. I've never been to Australia, but I've always wanted to go.

Thanks for reading my Blog!