Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Day Makes One Think

What a courageous leader Dr. Martin Luther King was. His work changed our attitude toward racism. I imagine he would even be surprised to see that we will be inaugurating an African-American president tomorrow.

It all makes me think about some of the drivel I post about, such as yesterday's complaint about our weather. In the scheme of things, others' rude comments about Chicago's weather is so trivial. Who cares? I must remember to write about more important things.

Thank you, Dr. King, for your leadership across the world.


Bob Hale said...

Most people lead lives that are fundamentally trivial. Only a very few lead lives that touch greatness Martin Luther King was one of them, hopefully President Obama will be another. With that it mind there is nothing wrong, for most of us, with being more interested in the trivial mundania of everyday life. We can only care about big problems, whether they are poverty, war, crime, injustice, child slavery or whatever, in a kind of abstract way unless something happens that makes them personal.
On the other hand, for you, the weather in Chicago affects you on a daily basis. Personally I have feelings and opinions on all sorts of issues of global importance but I ignore them as no matter how I feel I am unable to affect those things. To me the Metro being late and denying my class their lesson is of much greater importance than genocide in Zimbabwe because its personal and immediate. The trick that has to be learned is to not feel guilt because you are more concerned with small things that affect you directly rather than big ones that don't.

And thanks. I think you may have given me a topic for tomorrow's blog post.

Kalleh said...

And, thank you, Bob. I appreciated your perspective, and for the most part, I agree. I had just watched a program about Martin Luther King, and then I read my Blog. I was embarrassed. Indeed, I changed one comment where I had said I wouldn't return to the west coast. If I had a reason to move here (new job, etc.) I surely would, as it is a wonderful place to live. I'd miss Chicago, though, and particularly the Chicago perspective that while our city isn't the "best" in the world (for various reasons, including weather), we love it.

I'll be sure to check your Blog, though I'll be in the air most of tomorrow.