Thursday, January 22, 2009

My 100th Post!

It is celebration time. Who'd have thought that I would have had 100 various topics to write on. Well, in all fairness, they're not groundbreaking. But still!

This just must be my week. Tsuwm used the word epicaricacy in a post about cacozelia (which isn't a bad word itself!). Here's the link to his post. (I can't figure how to sign up for his word a day, though. Perhaps he doesn't do that.) Then here's the link to James Robbin's use of the word epicaricacy. Robbins has some other great words in his column, but in tsuwm's other quote I loved the word quaquaversally.


Cat said...

What amazes me is how many times in your posting you have actually brought it back around to the topic of epicaricacy! You're really brilliant, and I've enjoyed your blog lots!

Michael Fischer said...

>I can't figure how to sign up

just a little ways down from today's word there is a subscribe link. or use your browser's find function (CTRL-F?) to find "subscribe"!

Kalleh said...

Well, Cat, thank you so much for the kind words. And tsuwm, thanks for letting me know how to subscribe. I'll do that tonight!