Monday, January 19, 2009


I will be watching the inauguration in the morning, and then flying back to Chicago in the afternoon. Because of the time change, I won't arrive home until late. Therefore, I am posting this tonight.

In my office I have a watch-like count-down gadget for Bush's presidency. It will say zero tomorrow. YES! All over the U.S., and even in most parts of the world, we are so happy that Mr. Bush finally will no longer be our president.

I do worry about our expectations, though. People are even holding high expectations for his inauguration speech (I don't think I even listened to Bush's!). Here's what the SF Chronicle wrote today about their idea of the "test" for a speech that will be successful :

"The test: to not only master the present, but to meet the standards of those who have stood before him in the same place, to deliver a soaring sermon for the ages and at the same time to address the precise set of daunting circumstances now facing the nation."

Geez. Let's give Obama a break, okay? He has a lot to deal with (probably more than any president since FDR), and he won't be perfect.

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