Saturday, January 17, 2009


It has been so cold in Chicago...-15 one night. I have been fortunate enough to be out of town during this time period, but the reaction in other cities is interesting. In South Carolina there was the reaction, "Oh, how can you live there?" Well, first of all, it is a record cold and certainly doesn't occur every year (though it does in some areas, such as Minnesota). However, secondly, did they remember Hugo?

Then I am in SF now. It all brought back memories as to why I left when I was in grad school at UCSF. I had job offers in Chicago and in SF, and I chose the Chicago one. You'd have thought I was going to Tristan De Cunha (the most remote place on earth). "What?!!!", they said, "You're going to that cow town?!" Things haven't changed much. On TV today they showed the depths of cold in Chicago, and then the announcer said something like, "Here's to Chicago: 'LOL'."

My daughter had it right. Her SF friend called her and said, "Oh, it must be so awful there. But it's just gorgeous here." My daughter said, "No, it's not bad at all." That's a Chicagooan for you. Nothing really gets us down. We laugh through it and look forward to better times. On the day it was below zero, my husband said he walked to Panera for breakfast and "it wasn't bad at all."

One can't generalize, I know, and I don't want to do that. I am sure these comments are isolated. They just annoy me.

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Anonymous said...

Here on the other side of the world, we recently had the hottest minimum temperature on record: thirty-six degrees celsius in the coolest part of the night.

We didn't quite break the record for the hottest maximum temperature, but we did get the record number of consecutive days with maxima above forty degrees celsius.

A personal record for me: number of hours of continuously having the air conditioner on.